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Instagram: 168k | TikTok: 85 | YouTube: 77k

Mikai McDermott is a multidisciplinary creative with an avid following of 250k across social platforms. She is a published makeup artist featured in British Vogue, Teen Vogue. She has credits from: the BAFTA's, Paris Fashion Couture Week and with multiplatinum recording artists (Tiffany Calver on Drake's London Tour). Recently, she graduated from a world-renowned institution, the LSE, with a Master’s in International History. She is also a writer with bylines from Dazed, The Face Magazine and Penguin Random House.


Through all of this, Mikai has been able to hone her expertise theoretically and practically and is now at the frontier of the digital beauty age.

Mikai McDermott

Instagram: 18k | TikTok: 106k

FemPV is a jewel in the  fashion and streetwear scene, with a loyal and engaged international follower base. He showcases his personable style and his day in the life adventures, connecting with Gen-Z'ers from diverse communities that relate to his candid takes and share his passion for fitness and wellbeing. His relationship with streetwear designers enables him to depict stories in campaigns and resonate with his international audience. He also shares his anecdotes on how to stay healthy, physically and mentally, in his upbeat wellbeing videos.


His trips to NY also showcase his charisma and ability to adapt to different genres, while staying true to his own identity and vision.



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