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Headquartered in London, we operate as a comprehensive 360 agency. We specialise in the management of influencers and talent providing services such as creative and image consultancy, creative strategy development, and event planning.

Our dynamic team is composed of industry insiders and experts, all of whom bring diverse backgrounds in fashion, music, communications, and entertainment. With a global client base, our dedication to authenticity drives our relentless efforts. Continuously exploring innovative approaches, we strive to connect emerging creators and brands with new audiences.


Tashan Dwyer founded Franklyn's Forum in 2023 to combine his creative and entrepreneurial passions with his previous corporate experience advising VC tech, media and sport investors.

His corporate experience illuminated the tremendous potential of the creator economy, where talented individuals can leverage their personal identity, content and communities to build successful brands. After biding his time, Franklyn's Forum was born, a strategic creative agency that provides strategic advice to creators, helping them navigate the complex digital space.

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